18 gennaio 2009

EN - an easy recipe

Take a pinch of Mac OS X, look at it's rather innovative (this does not means good) dock system, the way applications notifications are handled in the Apple's operating system, the way it minimize windows, the way it handles minimized windows.
Take a look at what plasma is, the taskbar himself, the window preview when a window is minimized.
Take a bit of MAC's dashboard and mix it with a spoon of plasma.
Realize that users do not want to be bothered about creating new account on your instant messages service, that they can find where to buy software by their own if they want to.
Keep in mind that users whant do DO things with their purchased software, and not be ALLOWED to do things if they want.
This is the path that Microsoft seems to be following with the first beta of Windows 7. I think they realized that they have to apologize to what they did to users with Vista, and 7 is probably the way to do that.
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