11 agosto 2008

EN - Porto Cervo -Winchester day4

Today was the big day. Eurotunnel and left-side driving. Yes, the wrong side for me. I found that Reims is a must if you come from Italy to England. It is simply on the way. Plus you have plenty of hotels at a reasonable price. Getting to calais from there is also a matter of 270 Km:

Visualizzazione ingrandita della mappa

The journey was smooth but we paid 48€ for the toll motor-road. I was never being in the Eurotunner nor in a train witch loads cars, vans and trucks...
Anyway, they checked us and a couple of the 61 and more boxes i was carrying in the van. A bit annoying but a good thing for us and everyone traveling trough the eurotunnel. Though i was a bit scared about driving on the wrong side after a couple of «miles» and roundabout it come natural to drive on this side of the road. Obviously you have to pay a lot of attention to avoid disasters. The more problematic thing was the difference between french (private and not fee) motor-road and the English one. Quality of road signage and asphalt was really a step behind in england (which have free and public motor-road). We lost our road and passed trough some nice villages in the southern-england country side. Same thing as in france, but driving on the other side of the road. Mind thet we didn't had any gps navigator but only some google maps suggestion.
Anyway we reached winchester without mayor troubles and once in the center of the citi i was able to find my final destination easily, so we reached the boxes owner's house in the afternoon. We went then to the queen inn pub to have lunch and the mandatory English beer and then moved to the hotel. Giffard House hotel will be our harbour for two nights.
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