10 agosto 2008

EN - Porto Cervo -Winchester day3

Champagne! Day off from driving today. Woke up at 11 o'clock so no breakfast at the hotel but had a sandwich near the cathedral in the center of the city. Bought a bottle of champagne "Blanc de Blanc" so 100% Chardonnay and drunk it just under the cathedral: But Reims doesn't offers much in a Sunday. Especially in August when everyone is on holydays. No cave to visit, no big champagne company to have a look at. So after drinking our bottle of champagne we had the idea of taking a train to Paris so we vent to the train station to search a train to Paris. Sadly the last one was 5 minutes before us, and so no Paris. Then we went to the reims country-side to see vineyards. Endless vineyards in fact. But still no luck, every little factory we found was closed. We only found a bar when we had another bottle of champagne and then went back to our Novotel in Tinqueux. Diner was two steps out the hotel, in a luckily goos grill restaurant. Tomorrow: Reims --EUROTUNNEL--> Winchester!!!
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