9 agosto 2008

EN - Porto Cervo -Winchester day2

The long long road from Annecy to Reims has started. Long driving today for me, even when i was sure it will be a straight driving trough the motor-road. In fact it wasn't because of an incident and we had to take a "bis" route trough French country-side villages. This deviation wasn't so bad. Beautiful sights, very nice villages and some castles. Sadly the photographic equipment wasn't that professional (nor the photographer was) so i can't provide nice pictures: The deviation took about 3 hours and we re-joined the motor-road only 100 Km after the deviation! Yes, we lost a lot of time and i had to push the gas to make it to Reims before the night. Fortunately i didn't count that our position was rather northern than sardinia so i colud count on approximately an hour plus of sunlight, and so was. we reacher Reims arount 10 o'clock and the light was still fading! It is amazing how many differences you can find moving on this planet! Anyway. We reached safely Reims and had our double in the booked Novotel in Tinqueux
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