8 agosto 2008

EN - Porto Cervo - Winchester day 1

Taking the wrong road only a couple of minutes before driving in France couldn't obviously taken as a good start. However after this little mistake we didn't faced other real problems, at least until we reached Annecy. The day begone nicely with a not-so-bad veeery-long coffee, a croissant and a bit of marmalade on some bread. Mandatory orange juice was also on the shelf. French road are not bad. Autorutes are really big and only in some case and only for a bit of kilometres are composed by two ways witch generally are four. We visited Avignon for an our or so, watched old papa's castle which is impressive and had some photo:
After a sandwich we run to the van witch was not exactly well parked and i was frightening to found him with a paper sicked on it's windshield or worst not finding it at all. Went back on the road to Annecy we pointed to Lyon and for at least 180 Km followed that road. At a certain point google directions where not correct and we missed the right Autorute exit wasting at least 45 minutes to come back and reach the Right exit to Gèneve. At the end we arrived at Annecy at 17:30 and here started the nightmare. I really never, never saw so little roads, even in the centre of Aggius. It is almost impossible to park in a closed parking with attendant because all of them accept only Cars under 2 meters high and i can't pass in because my van is 2.50 Meters. Others arrived almost at the same time, but they found parking instantly in the hotel, thing that i couldn't do. I found a rather acceptable solution asking the receptionist for a secure parking for the van and she pointed me to a closed park near the hotel. Placed the vector in there we started a sightseeing of Annecy witch is really impressive. I didn't know it before, it's really nice and offers wonderful sights. Occasions to shoot good photos are endless and the most impressive thing is the crystal clean water of the lake witch, with it's white sand recalls the beaches in Sardinia. Wonderful. The old city of Annecy takes you straight to the medieval age, but with lots of restaurants and shops. For diner i asked a menu with ratatouille just to try it because of the pixar movie.

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