7 agosto 2008

EN - Porto Cervo -Winchester day0

Today the trip to Winchester started with a little problem. One of our cars had to have the back tires replaced at the last minutes due to a big scratch on the rear-right tire. The service was quick, so we didn't had any delay. I personally moved from Calangianus at 12:15 to tempio to fetch Gianluca which, as usual like a woman, leaved me waiting for a couple of minutes prior to come out. Arrived at Porto Torres at circa 14.00 i hat to wait a couple of minutes to others to arrive with the second car, a fiat Ulisse, before checking in. Cost for me, the van and two additional drivers (witch weren't really drivers) was 550 €, with diner coffee and breakfast included. The cinema was playing "La casa sul lago del tempo che scorre" in the evening and "Showtime" by night. Obviously in french and without useful subtitles both (the first in fact was subtitled in German). Diner was server before 21:00, we had almost all good steaks with Fries and some good cheese. Wine was good, from the south of corse and splendidly combined to the meat. After diner we had a awful coffee and tried the famous "Pietra", the beer made in corse from castagne. Fortunately the weather is perfect, the sea is like a flat dish of olive oil. Aperitif was the famous "Pastis", witch i can't suggest to a friend but let me say that i think one have to try the specialities from every place he visits. Arrive is scheduled to 7:30 of the 8 August 2008. Will blog to resume the first day of real driving trough France. stay tuned!

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