10 febbraio 2008

EN - Decisions and... Xorg

At one month since my last blog i'v taken the decision to post in english here on blogspot. All my italian time wastes will be redirected on my site (witch is moving these days to joomla! 1.5). But now let's come to the question. If you found my post on google you are probably experiencing problems whit an intel® card not getting the right resolution on a 16/10 1440x900 display, arent't you? So was i since today, when i fixed my problem. For a month or so, since i got my new desktop system (acer l320), i was googling for the only problem that affected me with the new intel® based graphic card. The image on the monitor, after the X startup was compressed in the monitor, showind the right resolution of 1440x900 but like it was on a 4/3 display (giving a compressed image and leaving a black stripe on the left of the desktop). Mouse pointer was also being captured in the reduced image giving me the proof that the right resolution was loaded but something else went wrong. After a bit of googling i understood that was a refresh rate related problem, and simply using xrandr (once the KDE desktop where loaded) fixed everything. But it was clearly a patch not giving me the sensation of having a 100% Linux-compatible environment so i continued my wuest for the right «Xorg.conf based» solution. I want to save you from the list of my attempts getting you straight to the solution. It was, yes believe me, simply a matter of changing

VertRefresh 50-75


VertRefresh 75

in the "Monitor" section of my Xorg.conf. Modelines and everything else where left untouched from my SAX2 setup (yes, i'm on openSUSE). At the reboot everything worked just fine. Now i can apply my openSUSE sticker to thath machine!

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